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Application, Network, System, and Web Server Monitoring

Application and Server Monitoring

Web Server

Complete Guide to Web Server Monitoring

Master web server monitoring with our comprehensive guide. Boost performance, ensure uptime & enhance security. Learn best practices, tools, metrics & expert tips for a seamless user experience.

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Hacking and Security

Ethical Hacking

How to Become an Ethical Hacker

Start with the post on learning about hacking and how to become an ethical hacker. I will start with a discussion of hacking and various techniques used to gain access to systems. Then I wi discuss the differences between White and Black Hat hacking…

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Apache HTTPD Web Server

Apache Web Server

Apache is being used since 1995 to host websites. Apache is used on over 40% of all active websites on the internet, making it the most popular web server software in the world.

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Nginx Web and Proxy Server

NGINX Web Server

High performance and throughput of the Nginx web server allows it to be used as a not only as a web server but also as a reverse proxy and a software load balancer…

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On our website you will find tools to manage, monitor and analyze your network and website.

If you are a back-end, front-end developer, an IT guru or just a curious users the tools you will find on our website will satisfy your work needs or just simple curiosity

Tools available

You will find different helpful utilities accessible either through our website or through REST (json) apis. Below is list of available tools organized by categories.

IP Tools

IP Ping / Trace Checkout location details of any IP address (v4 or v6). You can find information such as country, city and state. In addition ISP information is also show if available.

IP ⇔ Decimal Convert an IP addres to its decimal equivalent and vice versa.

DNS / NSLookup Provding a domain for a website URL you can find out DNS information for the root domain.

SEO Tools

Keyword Analysis Enter a URL and find out keyword and other SEO related information about that page. You will find information such as page size, headings and keyword analysis.

Page Info and Speed Check page load speed and importantly SEO related information about the page organized in easy to read format. You will have general page information as well as information on CSS and JavaScript links. If there are images, iframes and other links on the page you will also find that information listed here.

Website Tools

Webserver Headers Enter a URL and find out keyword and other SEO related information about that page. You will find information such as page size, headings and keyword analysis.

WHOIS Find out responsible party (or parties) behind a domain name. The WHOIS query will allow you to query multiple domain registrars’ databases