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Command line tool to check speed of data transfer on your network connection.

Download SpeedCheck

What is SpeedCheck

SpeedCheck is a freely-downloadable application that can run on Windows or Linux that you can use to test the overall performance of your Broadband or Network connection. Currently, it performs testing web browsing speed by downloading a large file from a website. You can provide options to test the different websites both internal and external to your network by providing a URL at the command line.

Upcoming Features

The following features are planned for future releases.

  • Test speed of network drive shares.
  • Ping times
  • DNS lookup times

How Accurate Are the Results?

SpeedCheck results are extremely accurate. All of the calculations are done in nono-seconds and then converted to seconds when displaying the final results.

I Have Some Privacy Concerns. What Is Your Privacy Policy?

We respect our customer’s privacy over all else, and as such, we adhere to a very strict privacy policy. The following kinds of information are NEVER monitored, collected, or transmitted:

  • Which websites you are testing
  • The application does not collect any IP, Host or Network information about where it is run.
  • Your IP, information is not stored in association with the download of this program. (Note: we do track the number of downloads)

*If you do provide your email address then there maybe an email sent to inform you of updates.

How Do I Install SpeedCheck?

There is nothing to install really. All you do is download the program and run it from the command line (in Windows) or the shell of your choice in Linux.

How Do I Run the Program and View Results?

To run the program you simply type the name of the program at the command prompt, C:\speetester.exe on Windows, or ./speedtester on Linux or Mac. Executing the program only by its name without any options will download a 10 Megabyte file to test network speed.

Other options are available as well. You view the current list of options by typing the command ./speedtester -help.

-size :  This is size in Megabytes. Currently 2 sizes are suppoed 10 and 100. If size is not specified than it will default to 10.

-url :  Specifiy the URL you want to download from. Note that no headers are added to the URL request. Only if the server allows direct access, will you be able to download the file

-file :  Download a file from a network share. (currently not available)
-help : Will print this message


The default download file size is approximately 10 megabytes. The other built-in option available is 100 (megabytes). You can run a higher file size test using the following.

# ./speedcheck -size=100


Using the URL option you can specify a custom URL for speed testing.

# ./speedcheck -url=

Why Does My Speed Vary Between Tests

If many applications on your computer, or other computers within your home or office network, are accessing the Internet at the same time then they will all be sharing the Broadband capacity being provided to you. If you run the SpeedCheck during this time you will notice that the results will most likely be lower than usual.

Therefore, to accurately determine the actual Line Speed of your Broadband connection be sure to stop browsing the web, and close your email, Peer-to-Peer, and any other internet applications before testing. Also, In terms of Broadband speeds there are a few factors that will affect the reported speeds you receive:

  • The number of users on a website or server you are using at that time
  • The number of people sharing your network (home or office) at that time

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