Windows Command Line Prompts For Admin and Monitoring

In the dynamic world of IT, efficieny and precision concerns are paramount. Windows Command Line prompts mostly overlooked by newbies are a potent tool for expert admins. See Also In the realm of Windows operating systems, administrators and tech enthusiasts often find themselves relying on the graphical user interface (GUI) for system management. This path … Read more

Best CPU Temperature Monitoring Utilities For Linux and Windows

Keeping an eye on your CPU’s temperature is more than just a good habit; it’s like giving your computer a health check and ensuring it runs at its best. When temperatures go haywire, it’s not just a glitch; it could lead to system crashes, data loss, or even permanent damage to your hardware. See Also … Read more

Application, Network, Server, and Web Server Monitoring Metrics

In this post, I will discuss in detail application monitoring metrics, server monitoring metrics, and web server monitoring metrics. Application, Server, and Web Server monitoring metrics provide key insights into the health of applications infrastructure, providing critical information into real-time performance and helping troubleshoot issues before they escalate. See Also The flow in this post … Read more

Complete Guide to Application Monitoring

Application monitoring is a process to track and measure the performance and heartbeat of a software application in real-time or close to it. Application monitoring involves the use of simple tools already provided by the operating system or specialized software solutions and tools that collect data about various metrics. This collected data is then analyzed … Read more

Application and Server Monitoring Best Practices

Server monitoring is an important aspect of maintaining the performance, security, and reliability of production infrastructure. For this to be most effective everyone involved should implement and follow certain best practices. See Also In this post, I will discuss the best practices for server monitoring, important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor, regular maintenance, and … Read more

Complete Guide to Apache Web Server Logging

Apache Web Server power over 30 percent of all websites. I believe the share is likely higher when you consider servers hidden behind corporation firewalls. This is a long way from its initial release in 1995. Based on its widespread use the Apache server logs provide invaluable information in understanding not only the incoming traffic … Read more

Apache Performance and Resource Monitoring Using Mod_Status

Monitoring services for uptime and performance is a crucial part of any organization’s day-to-day operations. Essentially since its inception, Apache Web Server (Apache HTTPD) has been among the three most popular web servers on the internet. It has been providing critical hosting services to hundreds of millions of web sites commanding a share of over … Read more

Complete Guide to Web Server Monitoring

Server monitoring is the process of monitoring a server’s system resources like CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, I/O, Network, Disk Usage, Process etc. Server Monitoring also helps in capacity planning by understanding the server’s system resource usage as well as capacity to handle requests. Server monitoring software helps in automating the process of server monitoring. Monitoring … Read more