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Why check my IP Address?

An IP address shows the information on where a user is located geographically. It shows your location; city, region, country, ISP and location on a map. This tool shows what a hacker or any other entity may see when they search your location.

What is my IP Location aka Geolocation?

IP Location is where a device using the IP address is geographically located. Using a mapping from IP address to latitude and longitude intersection we are able to tell the exact location from where the user is connecting from.

One thing I have found is that with Mobile phones it is tricky to get the exact location. The reason is that the mobile location, an unwired connection is using the mobile company’s data center. Mobile companies do not provide the exact Geolocation of the mobile user and approximate it, sometimes to a nearby location.

How and why would anyone use my IP?

An IP address is a unique piece of information used to uniquely identify a user. This information can be used for malicious reasons by hackers or it could be used by websites that track your activity and then bombard you with marketing messages.

Marketing companies use this information to identify and track you whenever you visit websites and other services online. Many who have used Torrent services have also been tracked by their IP address for various reasons.

There are also times when you may want to hide your IP address, such as when traveling and you are not able to reach the services that you had available from your home or office. People such as journalists also hide their identities to get around censorship imposed upon them.

How can I secure my connection to the Internet?

You can use VPN software, to hide your IP address from marketers and hackers. There are many available options but I recommend and use VPN software fromĀ Private Internet Access

Can I Do An IP Location Lookup for Any IP Address?

Yes, using our IP Tracing tool you can view the location of any IP Address. It can be an IP V4 or an IP V6 address, which the IP tracer uses to find the correct geo-location.

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