Install Apache on Ubuntu with MySQL and PHP

Introduction In this post, I will go over details of how to install Apache HTTPD webserver, MySQL Server and PHP on an Ubuntu Server. I will also go over the details of setting up SSL and VirtualHost Configuration for Apache. The LAMP Stack LAMP stack is a set of technology components used together to create … Read more

Install Apache and PHP on Windows

Introduction In this post, I will go over details of how to install Apache HTTPD webserver and PHP on Windows 10, 11 or Windows Server. By installing Apache and PHP on your Windows machine, you will create a local web development environment to test and develop any PHP website. websites before publishing them to the … Read more

Parsing Apache And Nginx Web Server Logs With Java

Web servers like Apache, IIS, and Nginx are designed to serve client requests over the HTTP protocol. In that process, they can save information about requests and responses in logging files using standard log formats. The known formats are used across different web servers making it easy to understand logging information. See Also In this … Read more

Parsing Apache Web Server Logs With Command Line Tools

Apache web server access and error logs provide important information showing the activity being performed by the server and errors encountered in the process. Using command line tools to parse Apache web server log files is a quick way to monitor production server activity, and can also be used during development and testing and for … Read more

How to Send Apache Logs to Centralized rsyslog Server

Centralizing Apache Logs By default, Apache stores all logs on the local disk. This works well for development environments and small deployments but can become unsustainable once you have more than one server. Not only is it frustrating having to open each log file on each server, but trying to trace requests across multiple servers … Read more

Complete Guide to Apache Web Server Logging

Apache Web Server power over 30 percent of all websites. I believe the share is likely higher when you consider servers hidden behind corporation firewalls. This is a long way from its initial release in 1995. Based on its widespread use the Apache server logs provide invaluable information in understanding not only the incoming traffic … Read more

Apache Performance and Resource Monitoring Using Mod_Status

Monitoring services for uptime and performance is a crucial part of any organization’s day-to-day operations. Essentially since its inception, Apache Web Server (Apache HTTPD) has been among the three most popular web servers on the internet. It has been providing critical hosting services to hundreds of millions of web sites commanding a share of over … Read more