Install NGINX on Ubuntu with MySQL and PHP FPM

Introduction In this post, I will go over details of how to install NGINX web server, MySQL Server and PHP on an Ubuntu Server. I will also go over the details of setting up SSL and Virtual Host Configuration for NGINX. Let’s start with our installation on the Ubuntu version of Linux. NGINX HTTPD Web … Read more

Install Nginx and PHP on Windows

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Parsing Apache And Nginx Web Server Logs With Java

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Guide to Increasing Performance of WordPress Websites

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Nginx HTTP Proxying, Load Balancing, Buffering, and Caching Setup

In this guide, I will discuss Nginx ngx_http_proxy and ngx_http_upstream modules, which provide the ability to proxy connections to backend application web servers and provide load-balancing capabilities. This proxying ability allows Nginx to pass requests to upstream webs servers for the final processing of a web request. The ability to proxy requests to single or … Read more