Install Apache and PHP on Windows

Introduction In this post, I will go over details of how to install Apache HTTPD webserver and PHP on Windows 10, 11 or Windows Server. By installing Apache and PHP on your Windows machine, you will create a local web development environment to test and develop any PHP website. websites before publishing them to the … Read more

How to Remove an IP Address from a Blacklist

What is an IP Address and Why it Might be Added to a Blacklist An IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique numerical label assigned to every device connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. Sometimes, IP addresses can be added to a blacklist, which is a list of IP … Read more

Domain Name, IP Blacklists and Email SPAM

Email SPAM is a big business and a big problem. More than 45% of all email sent worldwide is considered unwanted or SPAM. Opportunities and Problems with SPAM Email Sending emails is big business. Emails are used not only as a personal and corporate communication tool but also used by businesses of all types to … Read more

What is an IP Address?

In 1970s, a technology was created to make it possible to connect multiple distinct devices and networks to connect and work together as a single coordinated unit. This network of computing devices, which include laptops, mobiles, and other connected devices is known as an Inter-Network communication using TCP/IP technologies as its basic building block. Even … Read more

How to Trace an IP Address GeoLocation

Find your own IP address can be used to solve connection problems or discover information leaks. If you have someone else’s IP address, it is also a good way to figure out where they are and find out other information about the connection such as the ISP hosting the networking connection. Do you need to … Read more

Over 4 Billion IP Addresses Have Been Allocated

If you are on the‘s, what-is-my-ip page, you’ll see your current IP address and geolocation. In most cases you will see a number in the format X.X.X.X, where X is likely a number between 1-254. This number can change depending on where you are connecting from home or some other location. Any device that … Read more

Parsing Apache And Nginx Web Server Logs With Java

Web servers like Apache, IIS, and Nginx are designed to serve client requests over the HTTP protocol. In that process, they can save information about requests and responses in logging files using standard log formats. The known formats are used across different web servers making it easy to understand logging information. See Also In this … Read more

Default Router Login Password For Top Router Models

This Step By Step Tutorial Explains How to Find Out the Default Username and Password of a Router Routers protect their web interfaces — where you can configure their networking, parental control, and port forwarding settings — with a default username and password. You can change these default passwords to something a bit more secure, … Read more

Parsing Apache Web Server Logs With Command Line Tools

Apache web server access and error logs provide important information showing the activity being performed by the server and errors encountered in the process. Using command line tools to parse Apache web server log files is a quick way to monitor production server activity, and can also be used during development and testing and for … Read more