Guide to Increasing Performance of WordPress Websites

In this post I will go step by step through optimizing PHP and WordPress to reduce page load times and increase requests/second of your website. WordPress is used on over 42% of all websites on the global internet. Considering that there are over 1.1 billion websites this comes to over 460 million website using WordPress … Read more

Increase Performance of PHP Apps and WordPress

Performance of PHP based application, either script based or web based is a factor of configuration of PHP, web server, hardware infrastructure, network topology and most important, the quality of written code. It does not matter if you are running WordPress or any other custom PHP application you will have to consider all those factors … Read more

Introduction to Jooby Framework

Overview Jooby is a scalable fast micro web server framework that allows you to build microservices as well as full stack applications with backend service and a front-end build using any of the following template engines. Among the many Java/Kotlin based frameworks for web developments Jooby shines because of its simplicity and high performance. TechEmpower, … Read more

Nginx HTTP Proxying, Load Balancing, Buffering, and Caching Setup

In this guide, I will discuss Nginx ngx_http_proxy and ngx_http_upstream modules, which provide the ability to proxy connections to backend application web servers and provide load-balancing capabilities. This proxying ability allows Nginx to pass requests to upstream webs servers for the final processing of a web request. The ability to proxy requests to single or … Read more

Complete Guide to Apache Web Server Logging

Apache Web Server power over 30 percent of all websites. I believe the share is likely higher when you consider servers hidden behind corporation firewalls. This is a long way from its initial release in 1995. Based on its widespread use the Apache server logs provide invaluable information in understanding not only the incoming traffic … Read more

Apache Performance and Resource Monitoring Using Mod_Status

Monitoring services for uptime and performance is a crucial part of any organization’s day-to-day operations. Essentially since its inception, Apache Web Server (Apache HTTPD) has been among the three most popular web servers on the internet. It has been providing critical hosting services to hundreds of millions of web sites commanding a share of over … Read more

Complete Guide to Web Server Monitoring

Server monitoring is the process of monitoring a server’s system resources like CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, I/O, Network, Disk Usage, Process etc. Server Monitoring also helps in capacity planning by understanding the server’s system resource usage as well as capacity to handle requests. Server monitoring software helps in automating the process of server monitoring. Monitoring … Read more

Best VPN Provider Comparison 2022

A virtual private network, personal or business, is technology that allows you to create a private connection over a less private network by creating a secure connection between your computer and the internet. What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? A VPN is great for anyone using public, unprotected Wi-Fi, such as what’s offered in … Read more

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