The Beginning

Last few years have been different than the many before that for Me. Sitting at home during Corona times, I started to refresh my programming skills. Many years working as Program/Project manager meant my coding skills deteriorated. I needed to get back to the core and for me that is technology. Therefore I decided to build something that technology wise is current and provided useful functionality for day to day use.

Analyzing different ideas I decided to create a web related tools site that was manageable to start with and over time I can grow. An important criteria for me was to create something not just for learning purposes but also that could be useful for the many.

So finally here is the first iteration of my website

What you will find…

All right, the goal it seems is somewhat lofty, that is create a mix bag of tools for Network, Website and SEO professionals. At the launch I have built the following.

IP Tools

  • IP Address to decimal conversion
  • IP Trace with location
  • Name server lookup

SEO Tools

  • Keyword analysis
  • Page info and stats

Website Tools

  • View website headers
  • WHOIS info for a domain

Sure there are a lot more I plan to add as I continue developing this website but in the start I feel that it is good enough to go live with and ensure these are working well before I start adding more.

Another reason I did not add more tools initially is because I want feedback from the users of this website and add tools that are actually needed and used. No point just adding something which I think is cool which users find of no material value.

Technology Stack

Whole website is running on a Ubuntu Linux server. Behind the curtain though I am using the following stack.









Java 17 web services using the Jooby framework.


Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Event / Queue Management

Apache Kafka

Your Feedback

It is very important to me that people using these tools are able to reach out to me with ideas on enhancements and new tool as well as providing other constructive feedback. Just use the contact form to send in your messages.

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